Doing our part for climate resilience — and we need your help!

On June 20th, we marked the solstice and the first day of summer. So, we thought that it would be a great opportunity to introduce Epiphany Craft Malt’s three-year plan for climate resilience, which we have been developing for the last nine months. 

Here are our big-picture goals: 

  • Mitigate 105% of our carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offsets through the accredited organization Cool Effect. The goal is to be carbon negative through offsets within the next three years. So, not only will we neutralize our carbon footprint, but we will actively fight climate change as well.
  • Look into Duke Energy’s Shared Solar program, in which businesses support a solar farm and receive the credits from the energy it generates.
  • Look for inefficiencies and monitor our waste, water and electricity use.
  • Collaborate with our customers on establishing strategies from grass to glass, and encourage others to become more active in advocating for climate resilience.
  • Connect with state universities like NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill and work with their experts to find local solutions to environmental problems.

Malting is intimately tied to agriculture, which in turn is heavily dependent on weather patterns and temperature. Consequently, we have a vested interest in slowing the effects of climate change, since what affects agriculture affects us and, by extension, our customers. Climate change will influence future generations — the decisions that we make now are of utmost importance. Therefore we have an obligation to work towards something better.

Epiphany is all about collaboration, and we want to expand that mentality to the way that we address climate action. As a small business, committing to major changes in our malting process while maintaining quality is not immediately feasible. This is why we are focusing our efforts on indirect changes and community partnerships. If you have any interest in working with us on a climate-associated project, please reach out. We would love to work together!

Read our eight-page plan here, which contains more details about Epiphany’s carbon footprint and our goals.