Tuxpeño Corn

Tuxpeño Corn

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Sold by the 55lb (25 kilo) bag.

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    Farm & Sparrow  | Mars Hill, N.C.  | Founded in 2006

    OWNER | David Bauer

    Discovered in a seed bank in Tennessee, Tuxpeño is an ancient landrace variety of corn that has its roots in Central America. As wild grain that quickly adapts to its environment, it has a strong variation in color and flavor from crop to crop. Its versatility connects Tuxpeño’s flavor intimately with where it’s grown — its deep roots pull up a diverse array of minerals and nutrients from the soil, unlike conventional corn varieties that tend to have shallow roots. It’s also organically grown. If you’re looking for terroir, there is no better grain to turn to than Tuxpeño.

    It is a strong, persistent corn — it’s been known to survive floods, strong winds and high-category hurricanes. 

    Tuxpeño is a beautiful corn variety with a nuanced, buttery flavor. It leans more towards savory than sweet. Although most of the kernels are a buttery yellow, some are pink, orange, or white. Farm & Sparrow owner David Bauer calls it the best all-around corn for its taste and versatility.

    Read the full story about Tuxpeño Corn on our blog!

     ”For a crop to really reflect the place where it is, and reflected in its current time, you need that kind of genetic variability from the really old landrace varieties. At this point, heirloom varieties are treated kind of like historical relics — as opposed to landrace varieties that actively reflect the seasons and the time and place.” 

            — David Bauer, Farm & Sparrow


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