Seashore Black Rye

Seashore Black Rye

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing Seashore Black Rye.

Sold by the 55lb (25 kilo) bag.

  • Description


    SRM 3.8 – 4.7 | Plump > 1.8 mm
    1-day steep | 3 to 4-day germination | 36h kiln | cured at 84 ⁰C
    Chicory | Marshmallow | Dried Date

    This landrace black rye malt is another testament why we work with these classic varieties. Full of flavor and finesse, the Seashore turns any pale ale or continental lager into a complete drinking experience by adding notes of chicory rather than the Abruzzi rye’s bitter bite. This coffee note is flanked by a sweet marshmallow-like body expression with a little punch of dried dates at the end. If you’ve hesitated to brew with rye malt, do not hold back – this is your ticket to the best one yet!

    Brewing or distilling, nothing short of a tidal wave…


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