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    Two-Row Barley | Base Malt | SRM 2.6 – 3.5 | Plump > 2.2 mm

    White Flour  | Honeysuckle  | Melon Rind

    PROCESS   1-day steep – 6-day germination – 34h kiln – cured at 82⁰C

    Quality base malts were indispensable in the development of some of the world’s great beers. Yet the marketplace often pushes scale over flavor—which in turn pushes many craft brewers to use more specialty malts to mask a lackluster base. We’re not into that. 

    Foundation was developed to offer a different choice. We use grain sourced only from seed growers and allow each batch an extra day in germination for a cool and CO2-heavy rest resulting in a well modified, enzymatically functional base malt. Finishing out, we kiln it at higher-than-usual temperatures, 82 degrees Celsius, which eliminates grassy flavors and ensures a low DMS-p. The result is a well-rounded, flavor-forward base malt that adds unique depth and color to any recipe.

      “Commodity malts are a good vehicle for sugar, and not much else. I would much rather start with a malt that has some character of its own as a base.  We’ve done beers that were 100% Epiphany Base Malts and they were fantastic. If I did that with another malt, it would be a shade darker than water with zero flavor.” 
    —Brian Mandeville, Fullsteam


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