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    Triticale Malt | SRM 3.7 – 5.1 |  Plump > 2.4 mm

    Sunflower Seed | Sundried Hay | Nibbing Bite

    PROCESS   1-day steep – 3-4 day germination – 34h kiln – cured at 83⁰C

    A hybrid developed in the 19th Century, triticale behaves like a wheat while adding the rustic, savory notes more commonly associated with rye. This produces superbly textured beers with just a slight savory undertone. Its extra-fibrous stock is also perfect for sour beers, allowing more homogenous flavor development in barrels/foeders.

    Because triticale becomes fragile when wet, it requires gentle handling — which is one of the reasons large malting operations don’t like to mess with it. If they only knew about its deliciously peach-like scent when it’s germinating!

    “If I’d have known about triticale earlier in my career, I doubt I would have done so much with either wheat or rye. Like wheat, the mouth feel is fantastic. Very round and full without being too sweet. But it also has the earthiness and mild spice notes I’d associate with rye, yet lacks the bitterness that sometimes makes rye so divisive. ” 

    —Brian Mandeville, Fullsteam  


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