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    Two-Row Barley | Munich Style Malt | SRM 7.4 – 14.6 | Plump > 2.2 mm

    Robust Baked bread |  Cheerio | Golden Raisin

    PROCESS   1-day steep – 6-7 day germination – 36h kiln – cured at 95⁰C

    While Vienna is an exaggerated/amped base malt, Munich is its own distinct thing. Rich and golden-copper in color ( [ 7.4 – 14.3 L ] ), ours is kilned at up to 95 degrees Celsius to make sure the finished malt retains enough diastatic power to convert. It’s well caramelized and so full of rich melanoidin, bock-like character you’ll wonder if this malt has dual citizenship.

    Back when all beers were brewed for flavor, Munich was actually one of the lighter malts — and we probably wouldn’t have bocks, doppelbocks or dunkel lagers without it. But it has now become a way to get a rounder malt flavor, sweetness and character in a recipe.

    By the way, it smells amazing when it’s coming out of the kiln.


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