Foundation  [ 2.5 – 3.5 L ]

Our 2 Row base malt produces superb distinct and ales


Pilsner [ 1.8- 2.4]

A lighter 2 Row lager style base malt


Wheat [ 4.5 – 5.4 L ]  

This soft red winter wheat, typical top-fermented aroma a slimmer, more sprightly beer, produces pleasant ale beers with texture and mouthfeel. Grown in Wake County NC


Rye [ 3 – 4.4 L ]  

When malted this Abruzzi  rye infuses a golden to orange hues along with a pronounce earthy malt flavor that comes along with the typical spicy rye notes.


Triticale [ 3.7-5.1]

 This heritage hybrid of wheat and rye brings the brewing characteristics of a silky-smooth wheat and the twang of rye flavor. Provides a fibrous sour stock which allows for more homogenous flavor development in casks/foeders.


Buckwheat [ 3-4 L ]

Whole buckwheat lightly toasted and ready to add rustic character to your ferments. Notes of white tea, winter pea, and blanched almond. Used in mixed fermentation or as gluten free alternative. Sold with hull on, but does not add color contribution.

Limited Stock


Spelt [ 3.5-4.8 L ]

An ancient Variety of heirloom wheat, spelt malt gives mild, nutty flavors backed by tangy acidic notes. Spelt is considered by some to be more digestible by some and good as a wheat alternative. Sold with Hull on, good for adding rustic character to traditional grain bills.

Limited stock


​Malted Oats [ 3.8- 5 L ]


​Brooks Oats ​chosen for their larger size than traditional whole oats, kilned high for improved milling. Its Fibrous husk improves lautering while providing a creamy texture and luxurious silky mouthfeel. Good for smooth mouthfeel on aromatic IPAs and for keeping a creamy balance in darker roastier beers


​Malted Corn [ 3- 4 L]

We sourced our corn from a single family who preserved this line of Driftless Yellow John Henry Popping corn over many generations. They are the only growers of this variety. It has a brilliant yellow shine, and tastes of fresh June sweet corn on the cob. Kilned above gelatinization point, extract is more readily available and is much easier to work with than its raw counterpart which would require employment of a cereal mash.

Limited stock


High Kilned

Vienna  [ 3.6 – 4.9 L ]

for smooth, full bodied, golden and amber beers, still passes as a base malt for malt forward beers or IPAs


Munich  [ 5.2 – 23 L ]

to enhance aroma and body in golden and darker beers. Light and dark offerings available


Bruehmalt  [ 15 L ]

golden color with high levels of sweet malt flavor reminiscent of honey


Bruehmalt  [ 60 L ]  

amber Color with higher levels of sweet malt flavor reminiscent of dried fruit


Aromatic  [ 62-74 L ]  

improved flavor stability, fullness and rounding of the beer color; provides a red color to beer at higher % use; intense maltiness; notes of honey and biscuit



Biscuit  [ 38 – 52 L ]  

aroma of fresh toasted bread / add for color and complexity in lighter beers / excellent for brown ales and similar styles


Wheat Biscuit  [ 40 – 50 L ]  

aroma of cocoa powder and toasted almonds with good texture


Ruby  [ 180- 220 L ]  

This roast is made by taking our high kilned Aromatic malt as and roasting for a ruby amber color with a rounded toast flavor but without any dry roast  flavors more akin to darker roasts


Chocolate  [ 270-310 L ]  

This malt has deep aromas of dark chocolate  and roasted notes for dark beer-styles. Strong copper to dark brown color


Coffee  [ 360-410 L ]  

Darker blackened malt, roasted to carry notes of dark coffee and Italian espresso


Wheat Black Malt  [ 500-550 L ]

This roasted malt provides a huge color addition with much less of the acrid  and drying flavor than other dark roasted malts derived from barley. By roasting soft red winter wheat sourced from Wake County NC, the resulting mouthfeel is smooth roasty goodness.


Roasted Barley [ 470 – 510 L ]

This roast is made from raw Barley and ideal for adding lots of color to beers highlighting dry roasted character



Please let us know what else you are dreaming of we love doing custom malts!

Updated August 28, 2018