Good malts make good food.

Any brewer can attest that you need excellent malts to make great beer – proper conversion of starches in the grain into more accessible forms of energy and elevated levels of enzymatic activity are the foundation of good fermentation. These same properties in well-malted barley that make yeast so happy in the beer brewing process also make malts an unparalleled energy source for horses…

Introducing MaltBar!

MaltBar is a specialty horse treat made with uniquely nutritious ingredients derived from the barley malting process. What’s more, MaltBar is a continuation of ‘the Epiphany’ as we find more ways to help create a stronger and more resilient value chain within the regional grain economy. We are not nutritionists at the MaltBar manufacture, but we know small grains grown over the winter in the South-East, and the malting process transforming raw grain into functional grain. Our partnership with Epiphany Craft Malt ensures that all of the malted product that goes into the treat comes from excellent grain that is malted using rigorous and scientifically validated standards, which yields the best, most viable ingredients.

The new MaltBar

How it works: Using the entire grain to achieve complete nutrition.

Malts used for brewing are cleaned to remove the sprouts or “rootlets” that are produced during germination.

Grain Anatomy

These rootlets have an adverse effect on beer production but they are a remarkably dense source of nutrition. Malting unlocks the energy of barley by modifying starch in the germination phase. High in protein, fiber, and antioxidants malt rootlets also deliver the enzymes and support the healthy probiotic bacteria needed to successfully break down sugars and proteins in the grain. Because MaltBar is made of more than 80 percent malted barley derived ingredients, no refined sugars and no raw grains, it delivers good clean energy to horses that is easily digested and metabolized.

Sourced in the region, malted in the region, pressed in the region, packaged, then snacked in the region. Explore more of the Epiphany Craft Malt Blog to learn about the grain growers our malts are sourced from – not only does MaltBar deliver excellent nutrition for your horse, it also keeps more dollars circulating in the Southeastern grain producing community.

What’s next? We are currently traveling around central NC sampling our product and trying to build relationships with the many local feed stores and stables in our area.
Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about MaltBar – we would love to pay you a visit and talk treats.