The foundation of fermentation, made in NC


A modern, local malting facility was the missing link needed between the land and the kettle to create rooted, unique, place-based beers and spirits that reflect the terroir of the South East. Five years later, and we’ve established both a cutting-edge precision malting operation, as well as a robust network of collaborators that includes farmers, grain brokers, academic and agricultural extension agent partners. And, of course, brewers.

Our Mission

Founded by a brewer & maltster, Epiphany works directly with farmers to select regional grains grown especially for their qualities in germination, and malts them to exact specifications in a state-of-the-art 10-ton germination-kiln-box. The result is a science-focused operation that gives both maltster and brewer precision control over the end result—much like having your own malt house.

We are committed to establishing a resilient, sustainable and quality supply of domestically grown malt that is farmed, malted and brewed for exceptional flavor and character.

Collaborators Welcome

It’s been a long and flavorful journey, and we are just getting started. We’d like to express our thanks to a few of the people who have helped make our vision a reality:

Leila Wolfrum (Epiphany & Partner), Ron Fish (NC DAg), Rick Larson (NCIF), Udo Kattein (TU Weihenstephan), Alan Brooks (Brooks Contractors), Ludwig Painhofer (Andechs), Benjamin Herbrich (Buhler Grain Logistics), Don Proctor, Reiner Weigel, Hans-Juergen Iwan (Brauerei Aying), Ken Jernigan (Self-Help), Carolyn Davidson (Capital Bank), David Marshall (USDA-Small Grains), Chris Reberg-Horton(NCSU), Molly Hamilton (NCSU), Robin Watson (NCDA), to name a few…