The foundation of fermentation, made in NC

What we are

Malt is the foundation of fermentation. Epiphany Craft Malt produces a variety of malted grain products for brewers, distillers, and other food ventures on 2700 Angier Ave, Durham NC. Partnering with our farmers and customers alike is a core of our malting operation. We are committed to establish a local supply, practice sustainability, and foster a positive, respectful workplace.


… came at a North Carolina Guild listening session early 2013 organized by Debbie Hamrick with the Department of Agriculture: . A local malting facility is the missing link to complete their “local” stories by allowing them to make beer and spirits from a local source. The region’s farmers can grow it and the brewers and distillers are looking for supply of it.

What followed were the usual steps towards planning a business: wrote a business plan, researched equipment and facilities, connected with my malting mentors and farmers to grow barley, looked for money, quit my day job, …

Thank you

to all of you along the way who made this become a reality and supported, assisted, shared their experience and advice: Leila Wolfrum, Ron Fish, Rick Larson, Craig Ward, Alan Brooks, Benjamin Herbrich, Don Proctor, Reiner Weigel, Hans-Juergen Iwan, Ken Jernigan, Carolyn Davidson, David Marshall, Chris Reberg-Horton, Molly Hamilton,  Udo Kattein, Matthias Benz, Robin Watson, Ludwig Painhofer to name a few…