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    Soft Red Winter Wheat |  Wheat Malt | SRM 4.5-5.4 |  Plump > 2.2 mm

    Sweet Honey Cracker | Velvety Cream | Tender Whole Grain Loaf

    PROCESS   1-day steep – 4-5 day germination – 34h kiln – cured at 83⁰C

    Red Wheat originally came to the US when the Kansas Railroad financed the immigration of agrarian Russian Mennonite settlers who brought with them red wheat domesticated in ancient Turkey, knowing they would profit from transporting their fine crops.  The variety we use— Soft Red Winter—is ideally adapted for the soils and climate of the Piedmont, and most of ours comes from a 6th generation family owned farm about 22 miles from us, where it’s grown as a cover crop to protect the soil. 

    Wheat is one of those grains where you don’t want to do too much. We germinate this soft red winter wheat in small batches for 3 to 4 days only. This shorter germination period—when compared to barley—avoids over-modification, and preserves the velvety texture and mouthfeel that wheat’s high protein content brings to the wort.  


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