Barley is germinated to transform its starch body into fermentables and then dried to suspend its natural enzymes in their active state. Base Malt is the primary source of sugar, protein and minerals.

Farming and brewing go hand in hand and should be regionally connected.  Malting came before brewing to allow for grain sourced fermentation.

…then you brew with your malt…

…and you drink it to replenish form the inside out.


For Dark Malt, Barley is germinated and then dried at specific moisture and temperature levels to caramelize its natural sugars and produce a distinct aroma and a deeper color.

Roasting is where the colors and flavors are.

We bring experience and artful meticulousness to our Roast offerings. Roasting is a very technical and careful process that requires heightened sensory ability to address the minute to minute changes, as well as experience using the specialized equipment and a intimate knowledge of the malt and cereal being used to roast. At Epiphany we use a Probat Drum roaster designed and programmed specifically for malt and grain roasting.